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Şampiyon Episode 5 Preview

08 Ekim 2019 - kez okunmuş
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Şampiyon Episode 5 Preview

Güneş is now in the hands of social services and he has been settled into one of their facilities, longingly and full of curiosity as he waits for his father to keep the promise that he had made to him. Same with Fırat; he is now working doing whatever he has to in order to keep the promise that he made and to insure that his son is home by morning. But this is not as easy as he thinks, never mind taking him home, he is not allowed to even see his sons face; this is a major struggle.

During this period; Suna is going to witness the tight and extremely strong bond between father and son. She is going to also witness that Fırat is an extremely good, caring, and compassionate father as she now starts to question herself as to whether her decision to complain and separate father and son was the right move.

At the same time Tansel is very busy trying to get Suna to forgive him, but he gets totally unexpectedly squeezed into such a corner and during this time Suna starts to see the real Tansel. This situation only causes even more friction and separation between the two. As they continue to drift apart, Tansel becomes even more aggressive and attacking. The person who will be the sacrifice of all of this aggression will be Zafer.

Meanwhile as all of this is going on, on the Mücella and Serhat front the truth is slowly very slowly coming to the surface. Serhat gets his hands on the documents that arrive from social services and immediately starts to investigate to try and learn who is this secretive person that filed the complaint against his brother; this is because he is slowly becoming very suspicious of his wife in this matter. But Mücella is one step ahead of him and has already put an escape plan into motion, even thought this means actually throwing her husband directly into the fire.

As for Fırat who is now helpless and has done everything that he can think of to get his son back, has only one option left…..he sits across from Tansel at the table and they come to an agreement. Coming to this agreement with Tansel, Fırat is going to be able to keep the promise he had given to his son; but he is going to break the promise he gave to his dying wife.

New Episode air’s Thursday 10 October @ 20:00 on FoxTV

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