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Şampiyon Episode 8 Preview

08 Kasım 2019 - kez okunmuş
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Şampiyon Episode 8 Preview

As Yaman is taken into custody for having illegal boxing matches at the training facility, the facility is padlocked, and the entire staff who works at the facility if also taken into custody including Kerem causing mass confusion for them all. Everyone now is feeling that their dreams of becoming a champion are gone. This is when Fırat steps in and takes action causing everyone’s morale to be boosted once again. This is the time period where the ice between Fırat and Kerem will melt and they will become the warmest of companions.

Suna who has made up with Tansel is still continuing to investigate what she saw on the video to see if it is really true that Tansel was the one responsible in her brother’s death. During this time period she has no intention of ruining the closeness she has with Tansel and continues to stay as close to him as possible to uncover the truth.

Things get totally out of control for Mücella and Serhat who received documents from social services with information on them. Serhat tells Mücella that he has had enough and is going to file for divorce and that he is going to take the children as he leaves the house. But the children refuse to go with him, so he leaves totally alone and seeks solace with his brother.

As Zafer is searching for the person responsible with the closing of the training facility, he gets a reaction from Selvi whom he has not seen in some time but that is totally unexpected. Selvi gives him exactly two days to get himself ready and come to her family and ask for her hand in marriage.

Meanwhile Fırat continues to keep his promise to Yaman and accepts the offer being made by Derviş Aladağlı, and the come face to face for the first time. Together with Yaman they were totally mistreated at the Belene Training Camp in Bulgaria. They are childhood friends, and what was the reason for their friendship breaking up and why Derviş has thought for all of this time that Yaman was actually his enemy, is slowing being revealed as the curtain of secrecy starts to slowly lift.

New Episode air’s Sunday 10 November @ 20:00 on TRT1

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