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Şampiyon Episode 9 Preview

15 Kasım 2019 - kez okunmuş
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Şampiyon Episode 9 Preview

Derviş Aladağlı does not ignore what Güneş asks for. He cancels the match that Fırat was supposed to partake in. He postpones the match to another day. Fırat is stunned by this turn of events.

When Kerem learns that the person actually responsible for the death of his father is Tansel he goes mad. He is determined to get his redemption.

While Suna goes through the files that she found at Tansel’s house, she uncovers that the person actually involved in the mess with her brother was Derviş Aladağlı. She asks Fırat for his help in this matter.

Meanwhile the stamped lock on the Yaman Training Facility is removed. The facility immediately goes back into operation. However Yaman comes face to face with a situation that is totally unexpected.

When Zafet goes to Fırat’s match instead of going to ask for Selvi’s hand in marriage, their relationship because of this comes to an end. Fırat however is determined to fix the relationship. When Fırat makes it known to Zafer that he does not want him in his corner, Zafer’s emotions go into a tailspin.

Yaman has his own suspicions as to why Derviş is involving himself so much in the lives of Fırat and Güneş. After doing some investigating he finds some information that he never expected.

The day for the match that was originally postponed has arrived. Once again Derviş wants Fırat to go down in a knockout in the third round. However this time Fırat has a condition.

New Episode air’s Sunday 17 November @ 20:00 on TRT1

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