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Sefirin Kızı Episode 21 Preview

25 Eylül 2020 - kez okunmuş
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Sefirin Kızı Episode 21 Preview

Nare cannot bear the fact that she is the responsible one for the centuries old ending of friendship between the Efeoğlu and Işıklı family. Just like the daughter of a gambler Nare objects to the new hand dealt by Gediz and she decides to shuffle the deck and deal out her own hand . With this plan, Gediz who had decided to take back the shares that were divided with Sancar, including taking back the mansion are now blocked with obstacles placed by Nare. However Sancar too, makes a totally unexpected surprising decision as well.

Menekşe is certain that she and her family would be banished from the mansion the minute that the family learns that she had a miscarriage, so she immediately does everything that she can to hide this fact from Sancar and the entire members of the mansion. But this is virtually impossible. Menekşe needs a new plan immediately.

Elvan learns from Nare that Yahya is innocent. Elvan immediately heads over to Nare’s house where Yahya has been saying in order to apologize. But at the same time Yahya has another guest at the house; Dudu!

As Sancar continues step by step to get closer to both Kahraman and Akın; he is also putting into place the game that he is going to play in order to win custody of Melek during the custody hearing. Kahraman continues to receive information on what is happening at the mansion, and he is trying to figure out whether Yahya and Sancar are enemies or not.

As all of this is going on, the tension between the two lovers continues to escalate. On one hand they have the custody battle, on the other their jealousy for each other continues to grow with each passing day; and this is going to cause both Sancar and Nare to do something that even they never expected they would do!

New Episode air’s Monday 28 September @ 20:00 on StarTV

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