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Sefirin Kızı Episode 23 Preview

17 Ekim 2020 - kez okunmuş
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Sefirin Kızı Episode 23 Preview

Due to the sleeping pills that Menekşe put into the lemonade, Melek’s heart stops. Nare and Sancar clamp onto each other with the pain of their daughter. So that her daughter does not fly away, Nare sits by her bedside holding her hand tightly, while Sancar goes to the Mosque to pray. Sancar at the mosque begs and prays to Allah, even offering a sacrifice in return for the life of his daughter. If his daughter survives he is going to let Alacakuş and her young one fly away, letting them be free.

As Menekşe is trying to get Akın out of the mansion as he was trapped, they get caught by Gülsiye. When Kahraman learns that they were trying to kidnap a child he gets extremely angry, but he still try to put a plan into motion to save them.

However, Kahraman has been dragged into a huge trap set by Sancar. Sancar and Gediz who have been tested with the life of Melek, they puts aside their animosity for each other for the day and they go back to the days in the beginning of being brothers and best friends without any laws. These two best friends in deep pain, even if it is for a single day put everything aside, bonding together once again and until they find they person responsible for stopping Melek’s heart, they will not rest until they pull out that persons heart from their chest……

Yeni Bölüm 19 Ekim Pazartesi Saat 20:00 StarTV’de

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