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Sen Anlat Karadeniz Episode 9 Preview

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Sen Anlat Karadeniz Episode 9 Preview


Tahir who learns about his brothers betrayal, starts to foam like the Black Sea. As he suffers with the waves of huge pain, there is only one thing that keeps him calm, and this is the secure dock in his life which is Nefes who says “I need you”.

Before Nefes has had enough time to absorb Mustafa’s betrayal, she is shaken badly once again when she comes face to face with another abused woman. The gossip mill is spinning in Sürmene, and when another woman hears that Osman Hoca has opened his home to Nefes she too throws herself to his mercy. Nefes puts her own pain aside and tries to heal this wounded bird. But on one side she has her nightmares, on the other Vedat’s using of Nazar and her conscience, then we have the gossip mill of the village spinning at full speed, leaves a young woman who is trying to fit in within the Black Sea region totally breathless.

Now adding to Nefes’ test is Saniye and her abuse, Tahir who cannot accept the betrayal of both his brother and mother, sacrifices himself once again stating “This land is my homeland, but for you Nefes it is foreign land. Let me be the one who settles on foreign land!”

Are the Kaleliler’s falling apart? We have a mother and son who cannot seem to fit together in the Black Sea, so what will be the price? At the same time we have Mustafa who is left alone to deal with the results of the dissolving of the Sayar-Dağdeviren alliance?

Will the Black Sea fail this test?

New Episode air’s Wednesday 21 March @ 20:00 on ATV

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