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Sol Yanım Episode 7 Preview

12 Ocak 2021 - kez okunmuş
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Sol Yanım Episode 7 Preview

Will Selim be able to forgive his father? Will the arrival of his grandmother Berrin be enough for Selim and his father İhsan to be able to reconcile? What is Burak’s plan to break up Serra and Selim? What will Biricik do when she learns that her best friend betrayed her? Who is actually the one responsible for Selim’s accident?

Selim has learned the secret that his father İhsan has been hiding from him for all of these years, so he abandons the birthday party. Serra tries to do whatever she can as she can to soothe Selim as she can see the pain that Selim is suffering with, she is very supportive.

İhsan is trying everything he can think of to make up with his son while at the same time he makes his move to find Emin. Selim’s anger does not cool one bit towards his father, and when they come face to face the words that he spews towards his father are extremely harsh.

When Selim’s grandmother Berriin learns what is going on, she immediately arrives in İstanbul. When İhsan also becomes the victim of harsh words from his own mother, the even harsher reaction towards Asena really stuns him.

Biricik is stunned when she learns from Nazlım that it was Zeynep who uploaded the video. While Nazlım and Ali are busy trying to ruin the game that Biricik has put into motion, Barbar also joins in the plan. He forms this alliance in order to get money from Biricik and her friends.

A welcome home party is arranged for Burak. Burak continues to act like nothing has happened between himself and Selim, while at the same time he puts a plan into motion to break up the relationship with Serra.

Burak continues to talk to Serra about how much of a heartbreaker and flirt that Selim can be, while at the same time Biricik starts to warn Serra about Burak.

While Burak continues to pretend that he is not interested and has forgotten all about Serra, the friendship between Biricik and Selim has reached its breaking point.

Meanwhile the person actually responsible for Selim’s accident is exposed!

New Episode air’s Thursday 14 January @ 20:00 on StarTV

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