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Sol Yanım Episode 9 Preview

26 Ocak 2021 - kez okunmuş
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Sol Yanım Episode 9 Preview

Will Selim be able to convince Serra to forgive him? Is the relationship between Serra and Selim reached its end? When Nilgün goes to see İhsan demanding accountability how will she be received? Will Selim expose the trap that Asena has set? Is Burak regretting what he did? Who is the mysterious person knocking on Nilgün’s door?

Following the extremely stressful and difficult night at the Kutlusay mansion, Serra is deeply wounded when Selim starts to question her regarding Biricik’s watch. When Selim speaks with Nazlım he learns the truth and demands an accountability from Ali and also demands a complete explanation of what Asena has done. Nilgün is extremely upset with her daughter being accused of being a thief. She immediately heads to İhsan’s office to speak with him.

Once Burak’s father cuts him off of all financial access, Burak is left face to face with being broke. While Burak continues to hide this from everyone, Serra has overheard the conversation that Burak had with his father.

Burak and Biricik have a fight regarding Serra. As Burak continues to insist that Biricik must accept the fact that she has lost to Serra, he also realizes that he is starting to become very bored with all of this tiny intricacies.

When Selim learns the truth he feels extremely guilty. As he tries with all of his might to get Serra to forgive him, he is also trying to keep his anger under control; however Serra cannot accept this slanderous act that she was accused of.

New Episode air’s Wednesday 27 January @20:00 on StarTV

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