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Zümrüdüanka Episode 4 Preview

13 Şubat 2020 - kez okunmuş
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Zümrüdüanka Episode 4 Preview

Abbas who makes moves without thinking of what the consequences may be, this time will not forget what Zümrüt has done. Even though Zümrüt does not tell Serhat what happened, forgetting this incident is not going to be easy.

Azimet has absolutely no intention of accepting Zümrüt as a member of the family and a resident of the Demirkan mansion.

Abbas has some suspicions so in order to see if his suspicions are correct he goes to speak with Ülfet and Meliha. The end result of what he now has in his possession even shocks him.

Meanwhile Ülfet continues to push Rüstem out of her life, without even thinking what is going to happen to her next.

Saniye who continues to get closer with Serhat with each passing day, is going to cause Zümrüt huge heartache and disappointment.

Will Zümrüt accept the fact that she may lose Serhat once again? How is Abbas who is about to lose his control at the holding company going to retaliate? How will Serhat ruin Abbas’ new game?

New Episode air’s Saturday 15 February @ 20:00 on FoxTV

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